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Welcome rebels…

Here you will find all things beauty and DIY related with a subtle hint of sass.  My life revolves around beauty products and fun DIY projects.  Hopefully you will be inspired to craft your own fabulous projects and feel empowered to do so, while, looking absolutely fabulous with my #rideordie beauty recommendations.

An obsession of mine is definately makeup and skincare.  Whether it’s being up-to-date with trending beauty products or falling down the rabbit-hole when it comes to beauty-gurus reviews.  Either way, I believe it’s extremely important to research and investigate any beauty products since it is being applied to the largest organ of your body, your skin.

So if I’m not reading about all things beauty related, I most likely will be thinking about the next Do It Yourself project.  I’ve always been a kinetic learner and find it interesting yet fun to create projects from scratch.  Of course I’m not building a house out here, although I have helped my dad out in the past, but if I find a cute decor item and then realize its expensive af, I will be taking matter into my own hands and creating it from scratch.  Most of these projects will need time and patience but thankfully are extremely resourceful.

Feel free to try out anything you find interesting and leave comments/pictures/feedback of how it turned out for you!

Yass honey, you. better. werk!!

Monia, the O.G.

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