I’m pretty sure everyone needs a little love from concealer every now and then or, if you’re me, everyday.  Whether it’s dark circles, scars, blemishes, or just to give you an extra oomph to make you look more awake. I have the best concealer for you.  Before we begin, and just to build suspense for shits and giggles, I’ll tell you what to look for when seeking a new concealer.

I appreciate a good ole’ fashion liquid concealer for a few important reasons: a) very blendable b) melts into skin c)minimizes the chances of creasing d) will be least likely to look cakey due to it’s consistency e) provides you with full coverage, as needed f) if they’ve created a high quality product, a little goes a long way

If you’re looking for more reasons, look elsewhere.

Anyways, my new-found-love concealer goes to tarte shape tape concealer.  This concealer is to.die.for.  I don’t need to color correct my dark circles when using, have no problem with creasing and cakeyness, and it sets beautifully on the skin.  The best part, if I’m looking for extra coverage, it is buildable without having any dire repercussions. I can always count on this concealer no matter what I have to face(no pun intended).  If you need to shade match or have a makeup artist put it on for you, check out your nearest Ulta.

Hope you’re prepared for the magical effects that Tarte shapetape will provide you with.

Your welcome.

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  • Thank you! I’ve been struggling with concealer my entire adult life, and I completely screwed up the last time I bought something gold foiled. I will highly recommend this website to all my friends who are female and of Polish heritage. Like me.

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