Gold Leaf Foil Mirror

A gorg and fab center piece for the bedroom, living room, or wherever your heart desires. I’ve always seen these at the store and it broke my heart every time I saw the price tag.  They go for $500 or more, I know, ridiculous. So, I took matters into my own hands and BOOM… My very own gold leaf foil full length mirror [insert hair flip here].

When I first started off, I had trouble sticking the foil to the mirror since it was a loose flimsy sheet.  Since it was extremely delicate, it tore and crumbled rather easily.  So… I reassessed the situation and found gold leaf foil that was stuck to a parchment sheet.  Think of it as a peel off sticker.  It was life changing since it seamlessly placed onto the grooves, nooks, and crannies of the frame . Once I got the hang of it, I wanted to give the mirror some character and have some of the original black frame seep through to provide it a distressed look.  Sups hipster.

Below is the outcome, which I am absolutely pleased with, and is a ride or die statement for the apartment.

Where I bought the good shit:

Floor framed mirror (you can use any sized mirror of course): Homegoods approx. $70

Paint brush to your liking: Michaels $4 – I recommend a precision tip with a wide base so you can apply a lot at once but still have control over the coverage

Mod Podge Satin: Ebay/Amazon/Michaels (Amazon is the cheapest IF you have prime otherwise go to Michaels) $7

Speedball Mona Lisa Simple Gold Leaf : Ebay/Amazon/Michaels (Ebay is the cheapest) $11


1. Grab all your items

2. Protect the surface that you will be laying your mirror upon

3. Grab your Mod Podge and brush and begin applying the solution on the mirror’s frame in small sections since it dries rather quickly

4. As soon as you cover enough surface area, grab the foil (which is like a sticker on the wax paper), and slowly apply along the grooves of the freshly painted frame.

5. Continue doing this until you achieve your desired look

6. Let it dry for a day, just to be safe

7. Take a dry paint brush and lightly dust over the gold leaf foil to remove the loose foils.

8. And Whalah.. A stunning gold mirror





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