Setting Powder

There are tons and tons of products that you can use to set your makeup.  The amount that I have tried barely scrape the surface when comparing it to the thousands of setting powders in the market.  So, which one is the best one?

The one I recently discovered, since I am being more conscious of the ingredients incorporated into the products, is the RMS Un-Cover Translucent Setting Powder.  This setting powder is absolutely perfect, especially when taking into consideration for what I use it for.

First off, I do not use foundation, so, when looking for setting powders, I am looking for one that does not have color to it, otherwise it looks cakey on me.  I have tried the well-known Make-up Forever translucent one but that gave me terrible flashback when taking pictures.  I have tried both of Laura Mercier’s setting powders and the brightening one didn’t wow me and was really pricey for the amount so I tried the well-known setting powder with a light tint of color to it but since it gave me color, you could see exactly where I set my make up. I tried Coty Airspun (smells like an old grandma), Bill Nye Banana (looked like I rubbed Cheetos under my eyes), Givenchy Satin Blanc (has talc in it, which is a controversial ingredient, however, looked gorgeous on the skin. Definitely underrated if you don’t care about the ingredients), and finally decided to give RMS a whirl.

Well, ever since I have been using it, it is absolutely stunning for setting your skin.  Extremely finely milled to the point where it melts into your skin and gives you a soft supple finish. No scent, and has TWO ingredients.  Sometimes setting powders give me a cakey look because my skin can be dry under the eye and even when I set it with setting spray, it doesn’t make a difference. RMS does not give me that effect and if I don’t feel like it, I don’t have to set my face with setting spray afterwards since it becomes one with my skin.  If you haven’t tried this setting powder, and/or are unaware of their brand, you need to check them out.  They are extremely minimalistic when creating products and only add ingredients to nourish your skin.  Learn more by reading about them here.

FYI – Sephora provides you free samples so take advantage of that!

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