Setting Spray

If you use powder at any point during your makeup routine.  It is an absolute MUST to spray that shit afterwards.  Not only does it allow the powder to soak into your skin to give you the ultimate airbrushed flawless makeup look, it also allows your makeup to last longer…depending upon the setting spray you use.  Here is the ultimate favorite setting spray that I use to give me a beat look.

Now, the OG of all setting sprays, URBAN DECAY All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is literally my go-to regardless if I’m going to work, hitting the clubs, or if I’m going to encounter extreme weather (humidity, heat, rain) for extended amount of time.  As soon as you spritz your face with this magical concoction you can basically go to bed, wake-up, AND go about my day again since the makeup is essentially imprinted on your face.  I’m pretty sure beyonce uses this on her tour, which is explains so much.  Urban Decay is the way to go.

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