Face Moisturizer

As we haven grown to know, cooler weather=lower humidity=drier skin.  We need to hop on some good skincare moisturizers OR ELSE we will painfully suffer with dry flaky spots on our face, or worse, cracked and rough skin. Let’s be real, no one wants to be lookin’ all crispy in the winter.  So, I like to be proactive, and prevent these nasty side effects from seasonal changes before they have a chance to take over my life.  I have a skincare routine that I am still tweaking here and there to ensure that I am doing the mostest for my skin, but, one item that has not let me down is the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream.

This moisturizer is to die for, from the packaging, to the nutritional benefits for your skin, to how it makes your skin feel.  I began by debating whether I wanted a gel-based or cream-based moisturizer.  Essentially, I chose cream over gel for several reasons: extremely reliable as a moisturizer for drier skin, the texture of the cream feels more natural, and a little goes a long way.  In that case that you have normal/oily skin, rub a little between your fingers and initially place it in the normal/drier zones then rub the rest in the more oily areas. I start off my placing the moisturizer under my eyes, nose, then forehead and maneuver the product to the rest of my face.

You best believe that your skin will be looking and feeling it’s best.  You will be glowing with gorg and fab skin and know that you are using ingredients that will only preserve the beauty of your skin.  Also, warning, you will have supple baby-soft skin.  So be mentally prepared!

Read more about their Drunk Elephant’s Philosophy and how they have a healthy balance of natural & synthetic ingredients, all of which have a beneficial purpose for your skin!



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