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So, now that you’ve dried your lips out from the liquid lipsticks and/or lip stains, it’s time to bounce back for the next day.  So, as you are enjoying your nightly skin care routine of removing makeup, washing your face, maybe exfoliating, maybe, we’re just gonna go all out and put on a face mask… you get the deal.  Anyways, something that we may oversee is taking care of our lips, especially if you wear liquid lipsticks on the reg.  So the most important thing you can do after you’ve removed your liquid lipstick is to ensure that they are hydrated for the next day and don’t turn into shriveled prunes. Cause less be real, dat ain’t cute.

I put this amazing Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask on every-night before I go to bed and has it changed my life.  First of all, this cute ass pink packaging with a little spatula to apply the product is EVERYTHING. It keeps the product sanitary and it allows you to maximize the product being placed on your lips and not wasting it being on your finger. It has a slight strawberry scent but nothing overwhelming and it dissipates within a few seconds. It will you the most hydrated lips in the morning that it’s kinda unbelievable.

This also doubles as a lip primer.  It has a tacky consistency, which is perfect to keep a lipstick product on for as long as possible. Try it out and let me know what you think! Gotta love K-beauty.

Tip: Apply this product over your lips on the day you will be using a liquid lip.  Specifically, place it on your lips about 20 minutes prior, no less than 10min, and then lightly dab the rest of the product off your lips. I recommend either a sanitary hand towel or paper towel.  Otherwise you will be prone to having specs of paper residue on yo lips… and that’s not a cute look.

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