Gold Leaf Foil Paintings

Time to get yo paint on.

So, as we all know, I have a problem. I am clearly obsessed with anything and everything gold, especially, when it’s gold leaf foil home decor.  This is another project that I wanted to try myself since I was to frugal and stubborn to cough up over $300+ dollars. I knew I could manage to make my own paintings and keep it under  $50 if I timed it right.  Anyways below I have listed the items I purchased to create the look (choose paint colors to your own liking)!


Canvas’ (10.99): These are a “value pack” sized at 12″x24

Paint brush(es) (~4): I recommend a larger pointed brush so you can maximize the coverage while still having a precision tip for control

Acrylic Paint (2.99) : I purchase white and pink to get an ombre-like effect

Paint Extender (2.99): If you choose to use Acrylic, I highly recommend purchasing an extender which will allow the paint to dry slower

Paint Texture (2.99): I wanted texture in my paint — you can see the reflection of the texture where it’s covered in gold leaf foil.

Mod Podge Satin (8.13): used as an adhesive for the foil

Speedball Mona Lisa Simple Gold Leaf (9.89): Yass, we all need some gold honey


1. Grab all your items

2. Protect the surface that you will be laying your canvas(‘) upon

3. Grab a canvas and your paints. Begin by mixing a few colors of choice so you can have a few transition colors. Be creative, have fun, and get crazy with it!

4. Once you have painted your canvas’ to your liking. You can begin applying the mod podge in the areas you would like to cover with foil.  I lightly apply the mod podge on the canvas to provide a distressed look.  Tip: When applying it lightly, some areas may have little to none adhesive which is perfect to have a gorgeous vintage look to your paintings; I would also recommend doing it in small sections so the adhesive doesn’t dry out.  

5. Apply gold leaf foil

6. Allow gold leaf foil to dry for an hour, then take a dry paint brush and lightly dust over the gold leaf foil to remove the loose foils.

7. Hang the painting(s) wherever your heart desires and bask in the paintings you just created

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