Liquid Lip Stain

So colored lip products is something that has recently intrigued me. I always admired from afar but never had the balls to try out bold colors.  As soon as I did, I knew I was going down the rabbit hole of all things lip-related. I have been OB-sessed with YSL’s new liquid lipstick & stain. Although I can’t pronounce half the words from the brand nor their products (YVES SAINT LAURENT Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain), it won’t stop me from slowly testing and purchasing each color from the Tatouage line.

This is one of the only liquid lipsticks I can handle, since their products are extremely comfortable, long-lasting, very light (I sometimes forget until someone compliments me [hair flip]), and leaves a beautiful even stain, which kinda gives you a natural ombre lip effect.  All of their colors are astonishing and pigmented, however, there are some that are more sheer, so you may need to apply two coats.  The two colors I have purchased are essentially bipolar from one another, the nude one, is 7, and the deeper plum, is 15. I would like to think of the plum as sexy and sultry, not gothic and punk-ish.  Don’t worry, I gotchu! Anddd since Sephora was having their annual sale, I ended up purchasing a red tone burgundy color, which is 8.  It’s totally worth it! Try it out and let me know what you think 😉

AND, might I mention the fact that you do not need a lipliner with this product, novice or not.  I repeat, no lip liner – it’s like music to my ears. If you look at the doe-foot applicator, you can see the uniqueness in the design. It has a flat tip which allows for maximum coverage but also has a precision tip edge to really perfect the lining of the lip.

Here’s the DL on how to perfect a beautiful bold pout using any liquid lipstick product! Courtesy of Alissa Ashley’s amazing and knowledgeable tutorial!!

Update: I now have aquired all three colors and swatched them (from top to bottom: 7, 8, 15; natural light, flash, flash w/ product wet).

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