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So, by now, if you apply some sort of liquid makeup, you most likely have heard of the beautyblender.  There are hundreds if not thousands of crazy dupes for the OG applicator of them all.  However, when considering all aspects of the beautyblender, I have not stumbled upon a dupe that works, lasts, and performs as well as the beautyblender.  So, after playing around with dozens of makeup sponges and applicators, this is my #rideordie makeup sponge. Why? Just keep reading…

  1. It is extremely soft on the skin
  2. latex-free (for those that may be allergic)
  3. minimizes the absorption of makeup
  4. a very durable sponge (in regards to my claws, aka stiletto nails, gripping onto the sponge)
  5. lasts longer than the suggested 3 month period, when taken care of appropriately (i.e. wash at least once a week, leave out to dry in ventilated area)
  6. airbrushed effect when applying makeup, NEVER STREAKY
  7. product uses are limitless – makeup, serums, primers, etc.
  8. design of the sponge is perfect for using it anywhere on your face.  The pointed tip for smaller craveses (i.e. nose, under eye, eye socket, targeted application) and the larger bum base for larger application areas (i.e. face/foundation, contouring, blush, highlighting).  Basically there was no-where on my face that this beautyblender could apply makeup
  9. not costly AT ALL if you wait for the right timing to purchase: $52 for the above set = 4 OG beauty blenders and a glass stand/holder (value sets x sephora’s bi-annual sale coupons = save $$$) –sups cute
  10. In all honesty, you’re really paying for the quality of the sponge.  Why waste money trying to find a dupe when you can shop smart and save just as much for a high-quality product

Some products are more expensive but you’re paying for the quality, and others you pay for the brand.  However, I love to use the following analogy: beautyblender is to sponge as leather is to shoe.  We all know leather shoes will last you forever. Although you do pay a higher price point, the shoe can last you years, and that is exactly what you pay for when buying a beautyblender.

Also, I don’t think it’s necessary to buy all the different sized beauty blenders. The OG will really take care of it all. I would ONLY consider getting the body blender if you use self tanning liquids but that’s for another post.

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