Nude Gloss

So…. every makeup addict needs a bomb gloss.  And I have a feeling that in the new year we are in with the shine and out with the matte lippies.  As usual, I did my due diligence when it comes to the most perfect nude glossy-gloss.  Hours and hours after researching all the most talked about glosses and I finally snatched this one up.  I had a checklist, of course, that the lipgloss I was looking for needed to meet.  It had to be extra glossy and saucy, opaque, mauvey-nude, non-creasy, non-toxic ingredients, not sticky, long-wearing, comfortable, and moisturizing. Damn… I’m outta breath.

Okay. So. Anyways, I stumbled upon the MARC JACOBS Enamored Hi-Shine Lipgloss in Skin Deep and my lipgloss dreams came true (work it for darker complexions).  I mean, I don’t think I could have found anything more perfect that just casually checked off each high maintenance demand on my checklist. Seriously, you guys have to at least go to Sephora and play with this gloss to know exactly what I’m talking about. You will be shook and then want to buy 10 immediately.

I’ve included some swatches below so you can see how it looks – even though you can find thousands of swatches online – i’m just trying to make your life easier. your welcome.

Left: natural light; right: natural light with flash

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