Contour Stix

Ooooo gurl… Contouring is a must when beating. that. face.  It’s a necessity and brings your look together, whether it’s soft or full glam.  It gives you dimension, color, cheekbones, and snatches your face [hair flip].

I’ve been accustomed to using powdered contour products because it always just seemed to be the quickest, most seamless, easiest, and flawless approach.  However, there are several reasons, why I decided to venture out to cream products. More specifically, why I am officially announcing my ride or die contour product – Fenty Beauty Match Stix.

As I continue to learn and research makeup/skincare products, I’ve been focusing on revamping my current products I own based on the harmful ingredients that are being used. Although I could go on and on discussing the several red flag ingredients and why they are so harmful/controversial.  I will leave that up to you. But, I am determined to find quality and safe products that are just as good, if not better, than the products I’ve been using before.

Anyways…. about Fenty Beauty by, the one and only, Rihanna.  I have been eyeing her beauty products for some time now and decided to bite the bullet.  I heard mixed reviews about her contour stixs and wanted to try it out for myself. Although not all her products don’t have talc, the few products that don’t I decided to purchase and test.

Oh. my. god.  I am in love.  This is literally an amazing product for millions of reasons but I’ll stick to the top ones. Safe ingredients, creamy, pigmented, blendable, smooth, no need to set, cool-tone, long-wearing, and ease of use. The most important factor is the shade range for contouring, and how I could not find a flattering shade for my pasty, pale, glow-in-the-dark self.  The typical beautiful bronzing contour shade would look like I rubbed mud on the side of my face, and I just couldn’t anymore.  When I heard about how flattering this shade was for the range of complexions and that the ingredients were safe.  There was no way you could hold me back.

Below you will find swatches of the Match Stix in the color Amber.  Left: with flash; right: natural light.  Top swatch is one swipe; bottom swatch is two swipes.

***I would recommend using a dense brush when blending this product.



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