Perfecting Gift-Giving

There comes a time in one’s life when you need to get a gift.  A b-day gift, name’s day gift, appreciation gift, mother’s/father’s day gift, … you get the point – a gift.

What some people don’t understand is this talent takes time, patience, dedication, planning, and some detective work.  Like we are going in to make sure this person will appreciate this damn gift you got them.  So much so that you, yourself, will hover over them and stare at them creepily/uncomfortably until they open the gift so you can capture every moment to soak in the happiness it brings you after a hard day’s of work.

This really does take time, and when I mean time, of course it may take a few days, weeks, or even hours.  It all depends on how observant you are and how good you keep track of information.  So grab a seat and a glass of wine, champs, tea, and focus on these next few important steps.  I’m going to need all of your attention.  Let’s get to work.

First, determine the type of gift this will be and a budget.  A budget is very important because it can make searching for the perfect gift a breeze or a pain in the ***.  Regardless, it will be extremely rewarding and you just may give yourself a pat on the back.

Second, you figured out the type of gift, cool.  Budget – check. Now, your gonna have to put your imaginary detective hat on, or a real one if you got one laying around – no judging. This is the part that will take time, dedication, and patience.  Basically your going to be like a robot, where you are intaking, saving, and mapping-out all relevant information that the target enjoys, likes, appreciates, yada, yada, yada.  You are essentially going to be in hyper-alert mode every time you interact.  And, if you feel like taking it to the next level, prying and lying is the best way to go.  It’s all good and fun, and don’t worry for those that never lie or don’t have the heart to, you can confess at the end and have a great laugh about it. Anyways, jot down any information thats pertinent down, either on your phone, notebook, whatever.  Having all this information in one location will make this process one-thousand times more efficient and effective.

Now that you have ideas of what to get.  The third step is where you act-upon finding a gift. My go-to resources is, no other than, etsy.  It is the  As long as you have an idea/keyword, get started on etsy and sift through the pages.  You won’t believe what some of these talented people can do and think of. Now, I use etsy to get started and maybe get an idea of what I’m looking for, and most-likely I will actually purchase the product.  I love to support small businesses whenever I can.  These people deserve to be compensated for their talent and hardwork.  It’s more personal and more effort/love that goes into the gift.  We all like to be unique, and getting a gift from etsy makes us feel unique and special. #notsponsered – I wish though.  Anyways, you will spend most of your time clicking, typing key words, until you finally grace upon the perfect gift. You’ll know when you see it.

Here’s a recent experience with gift-giving and the process, prying, lying behind it:

So, I hadn’t thought of an x-mas gift to get for my fiance since I was putting so much time and effort into his b-day gift, which is seven days before christmas.  I know, first world problem, I ain’t gonna lie.  So, in order to maintain my boyscouts honor of best gift-giverer, I had to go in on what I was going to get him that would meet the following criteria: under $100, ships/receivement of gift within 7 days, compact – since we traveled and didn’t want to check a bag, something he would appreciate, and had to be nerdy-approved (does that even make sense? no).  Anyways, I began thinking about what does he like/his interests/hobbies.  Made a list and checked it twice.  And out of nowhere, a glimmer of light appeared above my head, which rarely, if ever, occurs… A laptop cover made out of real wood, cause let’s be real,  no one wants that fake shit.  So I did some more digging and found out about Glitty.  They create real wooden covers/skins for your laptop.  So, I called the bf -this is where the prying and lying comes into play – and was like hey, what size computer do you have cause my parents were thinking about buying me a laptop and I wanted compare/contrast what I currently have to yours.  I think yours is bigger but I can’t decide on the size of the laptop, what’s your size again? – In this moment, it was dire that I had the correct measurements cause there’s no going back at this point AND I was on a time crunch, cause you know, seven days.  So he told me macbook pro 13″.  I put in the correct dimensions, selected the appropriate cover stain, and BAMN.  I have, once again, verified, being the queen of gift-giving [well-deserved multiple hair flips for this one].


Since Valentine’s, Galentine’s – something special for someone special is coming up – Day is right around the corner.  Try out my crazy-intense method of perfecting gift-giving and let me know how it works out for you in a comment!!



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