Empowering and Edgy

Guuuuurrrl. Yasss. Honey.

You. Better. Werk.


Ugh.  First of all, if you couldn’t tell, I love me some rihrih.  She’s so badass, sassy, feisty, empowering, edgy, and innovative.  And, most importantly, she sucks you into buying her products with her in-genius marketing ability. I mean,

Saw-C, Clapback, Up 2 no Good, Spanked, Shawty, PMS… com’on.  There is nothing else she could possibly do to fuel your alter ego and I. am. here. for. it. I honestly purchased this just cause of the name, I also am on a mission to buy clapback and I don’t care what anyone thinks about a pastey girl wearing such a beautiflul navy blue – see what she’s doing here?  In-gen-i-us. And that is why I own a bright ass orange lipstick and DGAF.

So, since she has designed her products keeping every person in mind: color, culture, gender, undertone… I mean she exudes inclusivity at her finest.  I knew, regardless, this color will look bomb af. Cause she don’t play. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks.

Per usual, reasons why I live for Saw-C and this line of lippies in general: hydrating, pigmented, long-wearing, sassy colors, rose gold packaging – duh, controlled tip, universally flattering, creamy, soft-matte finish, and doesn’t accentuate lines.

Once I apply this lipstick, there is no going back.  I am giving you face, lyfe, side-eye, and witty-ass remarks.  I don’t play so you better hold on tight.

Own this look on a fun night out wit yo possy, a date, getting some groceries, working-out, slumber party… you do you gurl!

Left: natural light; 1 swipe (left swatch), 2 swipes (right swatch). Right: Flash; 1 swipe (left swatch), 2 swipes (right swatch)

Let me know which colors you’ve tried and how you’ve rocked them!!!

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