Ride or Die Ingredients… Literally

I don’t know about you guys but I have standards when it comes to my beauty products.  There is SOOOOOOOOO much controversy with SOOOOOOOOO many ingredients that brands use in their makeup and skincare products.  I mean, I feel overwhelmed knowing potential hazardous ingredients that are being used in, might I say quite expensive, beauty products and how some brands just gloss right over them.  The list can literally be endless, like I can’t remember my first name endless. Like, there are so many ingredients I have to avoid that I would rather just smother coconut oil and give you that el-natural dewy look… obviously that was a joke.  I need some full coverage shit to cover my dark circles cause they are looking boo-tay.  And I get the lovely concerning remark of, “hey, are you okay? you don’t look to good.  Maybe you should go home and get some extra sleep.” Gurl, you think I haven’t tried sleeping for over 24hrs to see if I could even remotely make a difference in having my dark circles appear brighter after 20+ years?!?! Savage, I know.

As a consumer, I believe I have the right to raise my concerns and question these controversial ingredients. And avoid products that use these ingredients. If you want to avoid a list altogether check out Credo Beauty. They’ve taken care of blacklisting ingredients and only promote beauty companies that abide by their transparency and integrity.  I love me some transparency and integrity – ooohh, gets me excited.  Also, there are a few beauty companies that avoid controversial/unsafe/harmful ingredients that I know I can trust.  Somewhere below.

So, take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of organic almond milk (I love Costco’s btw) and here we go.

My list is that of a novice but as I learn more about shady ingredients, I will continue adding them to the list as tainted ingredients I absolutely avoid, aka a big no-no:

  • Talc: mainly found in powders (i.e, eyeshadows, highlighters, setting powders, bronzing powders, blushes); linked to causing ovarian cancer.  I mean if Johnson Johnson coughed up over 125 million on a settlement that dealt with the controversy of this ingredient… that shows this is one shady ingredient that needs to be avoided
  • Sulfates: Strips our skin and hair of oils and moisture.  It makes our skin vulnerable to hazardous pollution, promotes aging, and allows us to be susceptible damage
  • Parabens: Links to hormonal disruption that can lead to breast cancer
  • Phthalates: impairs development of reproductive health
  • Mineral Oil: ummm aka a potential byproduct of gasoline. No thanks. Gurl bye.  Keep that shit to yourself
  • Alcohol: dries out your skin… why would you want to dehydrate your skin unless you want to emphasize pores, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.  Nope. Not today


Beauty Brands I ride with, cause I don’t want to die…let’s be real:

Now the brands listed above, I know I don’t have to sift through their ingredient list cause they’ve taken care of that for me.  I love being taken care {insert hair flip}. But that doesn’t go to say that I don’t check out other exciting products as long as they meet my checklist. Typically, drugstore brands are more likely to have some concerning ingredients, which is why I don’t buy them because I like to invest in my products.  Ya know? Some peeps are kiki with a product that gets the job done, however, I’d rather double-triple pay for the products as long as I know it can’t do any harm. I only recommend safe ingredients that I’ve invested my time, efforts, and researching ability since our skin is the largest organ.  And I get it if you don’t care as long as it works, but I believe there are just as great safe dupes to hyped up products minus the fear of dieing. I know, i’m being so extra.

Anyways, however you roll… you do you and be sure to check out products that suit your needs!

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