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Who doesn’t love them a bomb skincare routine.  What’s even better? A deal on skincare products that you hear oh so great things about but you gotta see it to believe it kinda mentality that hinders you from splurging.  And I mean splurging. 

So, the very hot products here are: a chemical exfoliator (Good Genes), and retinol oil (Luna).  Later on I will discuss chemical exfoliators vs scrubs but for right here, right now, I will go over these two lovely products.  And boy, did they change my skin.

Since I am so scattered brain, as well as learning about tips and tricks along the blogging way, I am quite upset that I did not take before and after pics because this duo is to-die-for.  It will give your results, it will give you life, and it will change yo life.

Sunday Riley Good Genes and Luna are skincare products that will change your life and make you rewind the aging of skin. Now, if you have never touched a chemical exfoliator serum, please do so with caution and ease into it. Learn from my mistake.  I recommend using the serum before the oil because once you apply oil to your skin, it minimizes the potential of serums to do their thang and penetrate deep into your skin layers.  The oil is basically a sealant in this case and will not allow any products placed on top of it to soak into the skin, which is why oils are recommended as the last skincare product in your skincare routine.

Let’s dive into the deets of Good Genes and Luna.

Good Genes:

  • Reducing appearance of: hyperpigmentation, scarring, dark spots, fine lines/wrinkles
  • Minimizing pores
  • Brightening
  • Increasing cell-turn over
  • Decreasing acne/breakouts
  • Smoother, youthful skin

Application Tips:

Apply during nighttime.  This will cause sun-sensitivity, so be proactive and use sunscreen while using any chemical exfoliants.

Use right after cleansing face.

Please ease into Good Genes (GG), if not, your skin will get irritated and break out.  What I recommend is starting off with a 1:4 ratio. 25% Good Genes to 75% light moisturizer (or another serum that is not a chemical exfoliator).  After a few days, slow start weening off the moisturizer and adding a higher dosage of GG, until you get to the point of only using GG.  This will prevent all unnecessary break-outs, irritations, stinging, redness, and any other unwanted side effects.  Once your skin has acclimated to the lactic acids, boy, will it rev up that cell turn-over rate and you will see magical results.

Allow skin to soak in GG for approx. 10 min (or until skin is dry) then move onto the next step of skincare routine.  If not, your skin will pile and will prevent your skin from soaking in and maximizing the ingredients of this serum.

Patience, patience, patience.  Once your skin has acclimated to this powerful exfoliant, it will take about 2-3 weeks for your skin to finally accept it’s defeat and show incredible results.


  • Minimizing pores
  • Reducing appearance of redness and fine lines/wrinkles
  • Moisturizing
  • Promoting evenness of skin texture
  • Decreasing acne/breakouts

Application Tips:

This one does not irritate skin so no need to be concerned about easing it into your skincare routine.

Apply sunscreen when using this product.

Apply during the nighttime.

3-4 drops is sufficient; starts out blue but once massaged into skin, color will dissipate.

Apply as last step of skincare routine except when using a face mask.

***Tip: to really get your bang for your buck and to maximize the effects of the ingredients, seal your skincare routine with a sleeping mask.  I recommend Watermelon Glow by Glow Recipe.


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