Rosehip Oil

Lo and behold the topic of skincare oils.  There are hundreds of different oils that people use as part of their skincare regimen but I am going to discuss the one that is best suited for me and my needs.

Rosehip oil.   My tried and true.  This oil has been everything to me. It has a golden-amber color to it and has an earthy smell.

The number one reason why I purchased it is because rosehip oil is one of the best oils you can purchase that will help diminish the appearance of scars because it’s high amount of vitamins A and C.  This leads to promoting cell turnover which leads to the following bomb a** benefits:

-evening out skin tone/pigmentation of skin

-diminishing scars

-diminishing dark spots/brightening skin

-protecting against signs of aging

-minimizing fine lines/wrinkles

-promoting collagen production in skin = leading to making skin more taut

-diminishing appearance of stretch marks

It is one of the top least comedogenic skin oils(homegirl went in), which means you will have little to no chance of breaking out after using this oil.

One of the top carrier oils; if you want to mix with exfoliating acids/serums to promote the penetration of beneficial ingredients deeper into the layers of your skin.

Not only is it AH-mazing at giving you flawless skin, it is also an awesome moisturizer. It is moreso of a dry oil.  A little goes a long way and when you moisturize your skin with this oil, it will not feel greasy, sticky, or heavy.  However, it will still give you soft supple skin with amazing benefits that will only make your skin look better.

I got mine from Amazon (a 4oz bottle) about a little over 2 months ago and I am just about halfway through the bottle.  I have been using this religiously as my body moisturizer and have noticed a difference in my skin texture as well as appearance of it looking smoother(both pigmentation-wise and texture-wise).  Definitely has minimized the appearance of scars and other skin marks.

I would recommend clicking on the link in the top carrier oils to get a concise and succinct understanding of all oils out in the world; comedogenic levels; and overall benefits.  Tash killed it will breaking. it. down.


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