Leave-In Hair Treatment

Has your hair been compromised due to heat styling tools, processing hair (i.e., bleaching, perms, hair dyes), environmental damage(i.e., heat damage from sun, hair tightly tied up), or from making poor choices when it comes to caring for your hair?  Well, do I have the product recommendation for you.

If you’ve been #blessed to not experience any of the above, well, this will still applicable because it will strengthen your hair.

And who doesn’t want strong hair? Ummm not me.

So why is this da-bomb-dot-com? This little bottle packs a powerful punch. Anddd… well we all know imma tell you exactly why.

First and foremost, it is Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates free.  Now that I got that outta the way let’s get into the deets.

This is a leave-in hair treatment that targets damaged hair.  This is a go-to products that salons use after dying, bleaching, chemically processing your hair.  Except theirs is professional grade Olaplex specifically designed to be used by professional hair stylist.  This one is for the commoners, like us. By using this product it will reverse damages caused by overworking/over processing  your hair with a special patented ingredients that will do the mostest.

Over several consistent uses, you will see the following dramatic changes to your hair:

reduce damaged-related frizz





bouncy hair

repairs hair

…need I say more?

This doesn’t compromise color of colored hair and if overworking/over processing your hair is not applicable.  Think of this as a preventative and proactive approach to taking care of your hair and giving it it’s best life.


How do I use this product you ask?

Have hair towel-dried or damp. Not wet.  You will want your hair to feel like it’s about to become air-dried within the next 10 min and not like you can still wring water out of your hair.  This will ensure that you are not watering down the product yet maximize the amount of product used. I also focus this on my damaged hair then comb it out with a wide tooth comb for even application on the hair. It is recommended to leave on for 10 min minimum, however, I like to leave this on overnight.  I will typically put this product on when I am going to wash my hair the following day.  Once you applied the product, you can wash and condition your hair as you normally would.

Now, can one purchase such an item. I, because I am a frugal gal, bought mine at costco.  Two for the price of $33 instead of $28 a pop @ Sephora. So It came out to be 16.50 each.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Is this hella expensive and bougie, ummm obvi. However, this little bottle goes a long way and it really delivers.

Also, if nothing has been working for your damaged, unruly hair, this is the way to go.

Don’t wanna commit? Get a sample at Sephora!




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