Spring is coming to an end and summer’s right around the corner…. what does that mean? Ummm you need to step up your sunscreen game.  Hopefully you are always protecting your skin, especially your face with some sort of SPF.  However, if not, you’ve got no excuse now.

Although I live for Tatcha’s Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Primer… it is not the one and only bomb dot com sunscreen on the market – though it is up there.  This is definitely a splurge.  But, you know yo gurl, and when I find a sale/deal on a hot ticket item… I snatch it before yo eyes.  That’s exactly what I did.  If you act now, you get get the same primer as I did below for only 39.99 instead of 65 – QVC here I come 😉

You heard me

In all honesty, I couldn’t resist the price knowing that I am also supporting girls’ education around the world due to Tatcha’s philanthropy and partnership with Roam to Read.  At that point, I had no excuse.

Tatcha, Tatacha, Tatacha…. Why you gotta be so enticing with your luxurious products?

Well first off, for the bomb price I got, you get more bang for your buck.  You honestly get even more product with Drunk Elephant, however, theirs isn’t a combination of sunscreen and primer.  Tatcha’s primer has an adequate SPF and PA rating, as well as, minimizing pores and making your skin so silky soft. Softer than a baby’s bum. Sold!

It is hydrating, moisturizing, protecting, anti-aging, balancing, soothing, non-comedogenic, safe ingredients, nourishing, long wearing makeup, and mattifying.

Now, I recommend liquid over powder and mists.  I think of sunscreens as a thin layer of shield protecting my face.  With liquid I can a)see and feel where I’ve placed the product and b)know how much product I need to apply a layer over my face. With sprays and powders you have to eyeball it more and it’s harder to tell if you’ve put enough.  Powders are porous, which would be useless to use as a sunscreen unless you are baking your entire face.  Mists are also spraying fine speckles of spf but would take a lot of product to completely cover your face.  Liquid is black and white, you know exactly how much product you put on your face and where… Isn’t that the point to protect your face? So mind as well invest in a solid product.

I also feel more comfortable using physical/mineral sunscreens rather than chemical. Mineral sunscreens deflect sun rays whereas chemical sunscreens absorb it then disperse the heat through your skin cells.  Although there is no research that shows this is any bit harmful to your skin, I’d prefer the sun to just be deflect. One of the cons with mineral sunscreens is it typically uses Zinc Oxide which is a thick white paste.  That can lead to having a grayish/purplish offcast or even a white overcast over the face. Now I only use and recommend physical sunscreens that blend seamlessly into the skin without any funky cast.  If you can’t get your hands on Tatcha, have no fear.  There are several other mineral sunscreens that I’ve recommended below.  If you have medium/deep skin, chemical may be the way to go since it can leave that overcast.  Although I’ve seen deep skin toned beauty gurus recommend Tatcha’s primer and here are some others they recommend. Thanks Jackie Aina!

Tip: if you are fair or light you can get away with physical/mineral and chemical sunscreens.  Medium and Deep can get away with tinted physical/mineral sunscreen but mainly chemical sunscreen.

Other Sunscreen recommendations:

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