Hourglass Ambient Bronzer

Oooo…. This bronzer gives me LIFE!!!  Although the cost is a little-teensy-weensy-tiny bit expensive. Damn is it worth every penny.

Hourglass has a selection of four different bronzers to accompany different skin tones and undertone.  THis is really such a rich and gorgeous bronzer.  It applies flawlessly, gives you a soften skin and glow, and the pigment is rich yet buildable.  What initially drew me to this bronzer is the fact that it’s powder and talc-free.  It not only provides you with the warmth as desired with a bronzer but also a soften touch to your skin. A little goes a long way with this product as well.  So if you get a mini, I wouldn’t be surprised if that sucker lasted you close to a year, unless you have a heavy hand of course.  One swipe and that’s all you need for each side of your face. The kickback of the powder is non-existent, so it won’t make a powdery mess. There is a touch of luminosity to this bronzer that just gives you that added umph and dimension…

And, I gotta say, the marbling effect of the powder is so unique and stunning that it really pulls the product together from presentation to performance.

I know when it comes to Hourglass, they have yet to fail me.  Their products are luxurious, however, they do not compromise their high-end products with shitty quality.  So when I do decide to splurge, I know I am really getting my bang for my buck.

My favorite qualities about this product:

  • blendable
  • pigmented
  • buildable
  • talc-free (obvi)

When applying the product, be sure to swirl your brush around in a circle.  This will ensure you get the perfect about of bronziness and luminosity to your skin.

Check out my reaction when I first opened this bad boy up:

Below is a swatch of the Nude Bronze Light on my pasty arm, ugh… Excuse me while I go and apply some more bronzer.

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