Natural Lip Gloss

 Glosses are in honey and what better way to add some zest to your look by hydrating and poppin’ some color on yo lips?!?


If you haven’t tried out rms beauty lip shine you are officially in for a treat.  First of all, this is el natural, which is a huge plus cause i don’t need to worry about consuming this product whether it’s intentional or not… that my business.

This lip gloss packs a punch of pigment and hydration.  One swipe and bam, your lips come to life with a beautiful color and sexy shine.  This one in particular, shade honest, is so delicate, feminine, and super versatile! It is a mauvey-dusty pinkish/nude and ugh… I. love. it.

I mean… look at that color… ugh



Anyways, so this comes in a pot and you dip your finger or tool of preference to apply this.  This is definitely a soft glossy finish (not high-shine); does not crease; is long-wearing; extremely moisturizing and hydrating; has vitamin A & C; and, most importantly, created with natural & safe ingredients.

Such a chic and amazing product that I carry with me at all times, especially during the winter to ensure my lips will not get chapped and have a touch of color to them!



P.S. – You can totally use this lip shine as a blush or as an editorial glossy eye look!

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